What is Homeopathy ?

Click the link below for an interesting article about Homeopathy which might answer some of your questions.

What is homeopathy ?


How does it work ?

More information coming soon. in the meantime check out HRI FAQ

Do I need to bring my baby or child along if you’re treating them ?


Yes, whether we meet in person or online I do need to see and meet your child.

You may want to say things out of their hearing and we can arrange a time to do that too.

I need to learn who they are as a person, what they need help with and be able to observe how they are, how they play and interact with people and things. They may just play in the room, or come and go if we’re talking on Skype, all that is what I’d expect.

Read more here Babies and Children


What does the fee cover ?


What is different about Homeopathy ?


Is there any research and evidence on Homeopathy ?

Yes there is. We need more good studies and there are some really interesting ones already published and ongoing.


Homeopathic Research Institute


Evidence Base for Homeopathy


What if I’m taking prescribed medication ?

I will advise you to continue taking any prescribed medications.

Homeopathy will work well alongside these.

As Homeopathy is an energetic medicine it works in a very different way to allopathic / conventional drugs there are no drug interactions to worry about.

Keep a good relationship with any medical other healthcare practitioners. We all want the best for you.


What are the benefits of meeting on Skype ?

Online consultations can be ideal if you:

• Simply prefer to be in the comfort of your own home and space
• Need an “out of hours” appointment
• Find it difficult to travel into a clinic location
• Need something to fit around work, caring for your family, children, and
other commitments.
• Are too unwell to get out of the house
• Have problems with mobility, energy or travel restrictions
• Might be contagious with an acute illness.

• Know your child or teenager just won’t come along to an appointment but
would be happy to chat on Skype.
• Don’t have a homeopath local to you, or want to work with a homeopath who doesn’t live near you.


You can arrange your Homeopathy appointments from anywhere in Scotland, the UK and the world.
Appointments are available internationally to fit with your time zone, please just ask.

Depending on where you live I either post out remedies to you or advise you on what to order from a good Homeopathic pharmacy.

You can book and reschedule on-line / Skype appointments for both Homeopathy consultations and Supervision and Mentoring sessions on via the link below.
Consult from wherever in the world you live or work.


Are there any side effects ?


What do people come to you for help with ?

Have a look at my blog post  Can I see you about ?


What if I have an acute illness ?

You can use Homeopathy alongside any medical advice and common sense practical measures you’re taking.

You can book an acute Skype appointment whether you already see me or Homeopathy is new to you.


How do I learn more about Homeopathy ?

Resources and links coming soon !


Is it just placebo ?

HRI Differences between Homeopathy and Placebo effect


Do I get one remedy or a mixture ?

I always give one remedy at a time, then I can be clearer what you have responded too. Because we prove/learn about remedies one source meterial at a time, that is what makes sense to me with Homeopathic principles and philosophy.