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Homeopathy Holistic Medicine

A holistic, non-toxic, gentle way to care for your health and for your family


Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine so your physical, mental and emotional symptoms are considered together as part of your health.

Homeopaths use highly diluted, specially prepared substances to gently stimulate your own self-healing mechanisms.

Individually chosen remedies are prescribed which are matched with your state of health and overall picture of symptoms.

I aim to help you towards greater vitality and a deeper level health and well-being.



Homeopathy in Edinburgh and East Lothian and by Skype

Come and consult with me in person or on-line.

Meet with me from wherever you live or work.

Homeopathy appointments to fit around your life, work, family commitments, and time zone.


Free Discover Homeopathy Call

It’s important to feel comfortable with the person you consult with.

I offer a free call to meet with me –  to ask about Homeopathy,  how I work, what I can offer you and what to expect.

We can talk via Skype: lyssa.clayton
or on 0131 629 0435


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