I have always found Lyssa professional, approachable and down to earth. She is a very experienced and dedicated Homeopath and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a caring, informative and holistic approach to their health.


Client Testimonial
Lyssa Clayton has treated me homeopathically since 2014. The first job I presented Lyssa with was a chronic problem relating to what felt like a blockage near my heart. It had been with me since 1996. I was 47, taught yoga and felt fit. when I was severely struck down by a deadly virus, most probably the Cocksackie B virus. For twenty years I was unable to walk uphill without pain and shortness of breath. I also could not sleep on my left or my right-hand side. I felt severely restricted. No ends of heart scans had revealed anything. Lyssa’s painstaking search for the correct remedy combined with her expert knowledge which is always expanding, saw me experiencing an energetic release which from that day onwards has let me walk to the top of mountains, and sleep any way I wish. It took all of two months from the start of Lyssa’s treatment to this wonderful release which gave me a new lease of life. Whatever problems I turn up with, Lyssa applies her patient and acute listening skills and extensive homeopathic expertise. She has consequently kept me in good mental emotional and physical health through some years which have been particularly stress full. On the eve of lockdown, she handed me important remedies at 23.00hrs. I am naturally very grateful for the great care she has shown me since becoming my homeopath. Her unstinting support and superior knowledge makes me her lucky and content patient. With best wishes for her future UL


Student Testimonial
(For Homeopathic Supervision 4th year chronic case portfolio NWCH) Lyssa is very thorough, I feel pushed, stretched and supported. I feel there is unlikely to be any stone left unturned in this process, I do not worry that a piece of vital work will not have been polished to the required level. Feels like Lyssa has as much desire for me to pass as I do. So many thanks for the patience, diplomacy, skill and experience you are passing to me.


I have been consulting Lyssa since 2014 for help with a long term mental health condition, which I have needed to take medication for since 1996. The psychiatric medication has had many adverse effects on my physical health, and I sought Lyssa’s help to assist me with reducing and possibly withdrawing completely from the medication with the support of the local mental health services, as well as addressing the side effects. I had tried unsuccessfully several times before to reduce the dose of the medication but after treatment with homeopathy, many issues I had had for years started to slowly resolve themselves over several years, often in unexpected ways, and I have been able to gradually reduce the dose of medication by 90 percent and am now hoping to be medication free within another 2-3years. It has been a long road, but treatment with homeopathy has been tremendously helpful, and my physical health is also a lot better, specifically the IBS I had for around 7 years has been mostly resolved. I would recommend Lyssa’s services to others in a similar situation, with the proviso that it is important to work together with and have the support of one’s medical doctor and reduce medication in a controlled and supervised way if that is what one is hoping to achieve. Thank you, Lyssa!