Online Consultations

Online Consultations, Sustainability and Health

Over the last couple of years, I’ve thought a lot about my Homeopathy practice and making sure it is as sustainable, environmentally friendly and healthful as possible.  So, along with doing things like sourcing recycled and plastic-free envelopes and posting materials. I decided to travel less. So I’ve been working more locally, including from home and with many more online consultations.
At present, nearly all appointments are held online or by phone.
Meeting in person is now possible when needed, and I will continue to keep a large proportion of my practice online.

Zoom / Skype and online consultations can be ideal if you:

  • Simply prefer to be in the comfort of your own home and space.
  • Need an “out of hours” appointment.
  • Find it difficult to travel into a clinic location for any reason
  • Need an appointment time that fits around caring for your family, children, work and other commitments.
  • Are too unwell to get out of the house.
  • Have problems with mobility or energy.
  • Might be contagious with an acute illness.
  • Know your child or teenager just won’t come along to an appointment but would be happy to chat on Skype.
  • Have recently given birth and you really need that time to stay at home and not be in the busyness of the world just yet.
  • Don’t have a Homeopath local to you.
  • Want to work with a particular Homeopath.


I love using Zoom, Skype and my online meeting room. You can meet with me from anywhere in Scotland, the UK and around the world 
So I get to connect with people from all kinds of interesting places too.
Appointments are available to fit with your time zone.

How you get the Remedies

Depending on where you live, I’ll either post remedies to you or advise you about what to order.  And I can send you the details of good local Homeopathic pharmacies.
You can now book directly from this website
for Discovery Calls, if Homeopathy is new for you or you’d like to see how consulting online works.
for all Homeopathy appointments and 
Mentoring and Supervision sessions.
And of course, you are welcome to email or phone me.
(+44) 07906 312 332
Skype: lyssa.clayton
I’ll look forward to hearing from you
If you don’t see a time that works for you on the calendar – just get in touch and we’ll sort out an appointment to work well for you and the Time Zone you are calling from.