Your Consultation – What to Expect

We will talk, it’s a space for you to talk about your health, how you are and to be fully listened to.

I’ll encourage you to describe what’s happening and what you need help with as fully as you can. Anything and everything can be important. This helps me to build up an in-depth picture of your health and I can then find the most appropriate remedies for you.

Talking about your health in detail may be new for you and you might even think some of my questions are strange.  I really want to understand how you are, what makes you different, and what your illness is like. The symptoms you have and how you experience them are all important.

Homeopathy is holistic.  This means that your physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual and energetic health are seen as intricately linked together.

I am interested in you, what you want help with, your life story, medical history, interests, significant life events and changes and ways of living, what causes you stress, what you love to do, whether any type of food, weather or environment disagree with you or make you feel energised or calm. How we each respond to life stresses, challenges, our surroundings, social interactions and illnesses, and the ways we strive to regain balance, are unique to us.

What happens next ?

After that, my job is to find the remedy that most closely matches and resonates with how you are.

This might take me anything from an hour or two to a few days.   It’s like being a detective, homoeopathy is an art and a science. So finding the best remedies for you involves constant exploring, studying and research to find what can help you.

There are around 8,300 remedies available to use so far. So I need to find the best remedy to act as an energetic stimulus for your healing.

I will do the best I can for you with my skills and knowledge. I continue to learn from amazing teachers and seminars, my clients and my own study and reading.

My knowledge is evolving all the time. I have an ever-expanding library of books and resources to research the remedies for you.


Your remedy

I will either post a remedy to you with instructions on what dosage to take, or I will send you details of what to order and the pharmacies that  I recommend using.


Follow-up appointments

Initially, I’ll suggest we arrange follow-up appointments at between four to eight week intervals. Sometimes I will advise meeting sooner, depending on what you come with, how acute the situation is, and what is the best way for me to help you.
We’ll look at how you have responded to the remedy, to see what has changed, what has improved or feels worse or might be the same. This is a time to reflect on any changes, shifts and insights you’ve had and I might ask you more questions.

Then the homoeopathic remedy might be repeated, altered or changed to a new one.

If things are moving well and resolving I’ll suggest waiting a while longer until these changes have slowed or finished. It is your response to the stimulus given by the remedy that moves you towards greater health.

Read more here about follow-ups


How many appointments will I need ?

This really depends on your health, what you come with and the length of time you have had the symptoms.

I encourage you to commit to 4 – 6 appointments to begin with.  This gives a good grounding for your homeopathic treatment and time to see some real changes.  Follow-up appointments are a time to review and assess how you are getting on and decide on the next steps and remedy prescriptions. As you start to feel better we can space the appointments at longer intervals, to every 2-3 months, 6 months, to arranging, say, a yearly check-in.

I offer treatment packages for booking and paying for a series of appointments in advance, so do ask me about that if you’re interested.

Homeopathy is a wonderful way to look after your wellbeing. My aim is to support you in moving towards greater balance, freedom, vitality and health.


Want to know more ?

Let’s talk, I’d love to hear from you.

More about Homeopathy

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What does the fee cover ?

It covers the time we spend together, the time I spend working on your case after we meet and the research I need to do to find the best remedy for you, which can be anything from a couple of hours to a few days.

I usually advise you to purchase remedies directly from a homoeopathic pharmacy. This is what our pharmacies do best and I can be sure that you receive your remedy in the quickest way and from the best environment.

I will give clear details of what to order and where to obtain remedies.

If a remedy is more difficult to source, and is one I have in stock,  I can send it to clients in the UK.

A small charge is made for extra remedies, postage and any advice sent between consultations.


Funding for Treatment

Some health insurance companies cover Homeopathy. check the list below for details.

Insurance Company List


For clients outwith the UK:

I will send instructions of which remedy to order and details of good Homeopathic pharmacies.

Please see the Pricing page for consultation fees in Euros and US and Canadian dollars.

Where can I meet with you ?

Online via Zoom / Skype or my meeting room.

I offer face-to-face consultations at Cockenzie House in East Lothian on weekdays and Saturdays, and once a month in central Edinburgh at the Edinburgh Centre for Nutrition and Therapy.

Skype, Zoom, online:

Consult with me from wherever you live or work, all areas of the UK and internationally.
Flexible consulting times, earlier in the morning or later evening appointments to suit your life, other commitments and time zone.

Fees are the same as all other consultations

You can book and reschedule online appointments for either Homeopathy or Supervision and Mentoring sessions through the link below or by emailing or calling me.

Book Online Consultation


Cancellations/Changing Appointments

In case you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment. Please do give me as much notice as possible. This means the time can be made available to someone else who might need it.

  • A charge will be made for appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice.
  • Unkept appointments or those cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will usually be charged in full.
  • Please do regard phone and Skype/on-line consultations in the same way as face to face booked sessions.

Concessions and Sliding Scale Clinic

Some concessions and a sliding scale of costs are available at the Pregnancy and Parents Centre and online consultations for clients who see me there.

Society of Homeopaths

I am a Registered Member of the Society of Homeopaths.

More information about Homeopathy and the Society of Homeopaths can be found at

Society of Homeopaths