Mentoring and Professional Supervision What is Mentoring and Supervision?

For Homeopaths, practitioners and students.

Supervision is a confidential and supportive space to:

  • Encourage a reflective and questioning practice
  • Help free up your creativity and confidence
  • Find your own solutions and ways to practice Homeopathy in a healthful, sustainable and safe way.
  • Discuss and examine cases, practice issues, case management and personal life challenges,
  • Look at business management, boundaries, organisation and structures to support your practice.
  • Refine your understanding of Homeopathic philosophy.
  • Explore how you want your practice and life to be.
  • Have a listening space, even when you are not clear about what you are bringing to supervision.

canada Seroquel Who is it for ?

If you are a practitioner or student of another complementary health discipline, an artist, musician, writer, run groups or choirs, work in management, are at home caring for children and family while squeezing in time to pursue your dreams…you might also want a confidential space to explore your life or work challenges.

For supervision around your practice, work and life please get in touch.

Book a discovery chat  I’d love to hear from you.


Where ?

Sector 4 March 2022

Sessions are offered online via Zoom, Skype and my meeting room.

For students and practitioners in the UK and worldwide.

In-person supervision sessions are available in Edinburgh and East Lothian.

Bafoussam Price: £55

Students: Please message me about fees.

Clinical supervision fees will be at the level recommended by your college.

One to one and small group supervision is available.


For Homeopaths and Student Homeopaths

I enjoy exploring different approaches and models of working. I need to be flexible in my case taking and analysis for the very different clients I meet with.

You can find me on the Supervisors lists for:

  • Society of Homeopaths
  • School of Homeopathy and
  • North West College of Homeopathy.

There are many inspiring Homeopaths I love learning from, and whose works I refer to daily, for instance:

Louis Klein, Jan Scholten, Annette Sneevliet, Dr Jonathan Hardy, Dr Julie Geraghty, Dr Elizabeth Thompson and Geoff Johnson.

Zhomeo webinars with Louis Klein, Pat Deacon, Pat Maher, Markus Kuntosch, Martin Jakob and others. These are brilliant and vibrant resources, full of treasures.

Rajan Sankaran and Doctors Bhawisha and Shachindra Joshi’s work and insights.

Michal Yakir’s plant system and Wondrous Order book and Mahesh Gandhi’s work and Personal Evolution Model.


In addition, I regularly spend time looking at my practice, the organisation, admin, systems and useful structures to have in place. These all support my work with clients and help me review what works, what doesn’t fit so well and what I want to change.

Supervision helps me in exploring ways to stay fully present. Therefore I’m more able to perceive what my clients are telling me in both obvious and very subtle ways.

I’m fired up and enthusiastic about how my practice is evolving, how our work can be the thing we love and support us financially and healthfully.


(For Homeopathic Supervision 4th year chronic case portfolio NWCH) Lyssa is very thorough, I feel pushed, stretched and supported. I feel there is unlikely to be any stone left unturned in this process. I do not worry that a piece of vital work will not have been polished to the required level. Feels like Lyssa has as much desire for me to pass as I do. So many thanks for the patience, diplomacy, skill and experience you are passing to me.