What is homeopathy ?

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What is homeopathy ?


How does it work ?


Do I need to bring my baby or child along if you’re treating them ?


What does the fee cover ?


What is different about Homeopathy ?


Is there any research and evidence on Homeopathy ?

Yes there is. We need more good studies and there are some really interesting ones already published and ongoing.


Homeopathic Research Institute


Evidence Base for Homeopathy


What if I’m taking prescribed medication ?

I will advise you to continue taking any prescribed medications.

Homeopathy will work well alongside these.

As Homeopathy is an energetic medicine it works in a very different way to allopathic / conventional drugs there are no drug interactions to worry about.

Keep a good relationship with any medical other healthcare practitioners. We all want the best for you.


What are the benefits of meeting on Skype ?


Are there any side effects ?


What do people come to you for help with ?


How do I learn more about Homeopathy ?


Is it just placebo ?


Do I get one remedy or a mixture ?