Hello,   Many people have a small basic kit at home and start learning how and when to use remedies in simple acute illnesses or to support healing from accidents and injuries. It is so helpful to learn about homeopathy in acute prescribing, become familiar with different remedies, and to […]

Classes: Homeopathy at Home – using a remedy kit for ...

      Here’s an exciting thing, a podcast on homeopathy, pregnancy and postpartum well-being for women, babies and their families. I had the great pleasure of meeting with Suzanne Maier of MotherHeal We had a wonderful morning talking about pregnancy, birth, women and babies, life, health and homeopathy. And […]

Podcast Homeopathy, Pregnancy and Postpartum

Would you like some free Supervision  ? Sessions in October for newly qualified and experienced homeopaths   Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, lacking confidence, confused about prescriptions, worried about a difficult case or client, or not sure what your next step is? Whether we’re newly qualified, still at college or […]

Offer: Free Small Group Supervision for Homeopaths

Sliding Scale Clinic – New for Winter 2022   As we’re heading through autumn into winter, and in interesting and challenging times for many, we can all benefit from help and support for our health and wellbeing. So, I’ve decided to offer a sliding scale clinic held once a month. […]

Monthly Sliding Scale Clinic – from November

Homeopathic Medicine and Bellis-perennis daisies
Using Homeopathy at Home   In November and December, I’ll be running some introductory workshops on using homeopathy at home for first aid, winter ailments and acute illnesses.   These will available both online and in person for a small group at Cockenzie House.   More details and dates coming […]

Introduction to Using Homeopathy at Home Workshops – for November ...

One of the things I love about Homeopathy is that we can support babies and their parents through difficult times. We don’t have to “wait till they grow out of it ” if you have a distressed baby and nothing seems to help them and you are exhausted. There are […]

Helping Babies with Crying and Colic

I’m still on a mission to make the digital world less distracting and work better for me…..along with a doing whole bunch of business and admin organising. I found some helpful ideas for simplifying and clearing space in my digital life in the article linked below: Are you a Digital […]

Digital Life, how to take control and make it simpler

Emotional and mental well-being in children and young people seems to be increasingly in the news these days.   February 7th to 13th 2022 was Children’s Emotional and Mental Health Week       Many children seem stressed and struggling, with anything from mild anxiety, school phobia, ADHD and behavioural […]

Emotional and Mental health….helping our children and young people

NEWS – new dates being arranged Hello, Many people have been asking me about how to use remedies at home from their first aid kit, to learn more about different remedies, when can it be appropriate to self-prescribe at home, and how to choose and then give remedies. So I […]

Homeopathy Introductory Classes Summer 2021

Hello, I’ve recently been seeing more and more babies with colicky pains, digestive discomfort and feeding problems and struggling to adjusting to being in the world. When I work with a baby and their family I want to be able to observe them and hear what is happening right now. […]

Homeopathy and Your Post-natal Year