Babies and Children


Homeopathy is ideal for babies and children

Homeopathy is safe and non-toxic, it respects and stimulates our self-healing abilities and vital energy.

Children tend to be pretty dynamic beings and may respond more quickly to homeopathic remedies than adults.

Homeopathy helps children learn to look after themselves, learning how amazing their bodies and immune and healing systems are when working well, and what they can do when they are stuck and need some help to recover.

Homeopathy treats the child with whatever they need help with.

My job is to find the remedy that best matches your child’s individual state of health and the precise nature and experience of their symptoms. My aim is to help them build resilience and vibrant health.

What do I need to know?

I will want to find out about your child, hear what they need help with and discover who they are.

We arrange a time to meet along with your baby or child in person or by video call.

I’m interested in their story from pregnancy, labour, birth and post-natal time, how they were as a newborn, through babyhood, as a small child, into their teenage years.

If your child has come to you through adoption I’d like to know their early story as you can share.

If you’d like to tell me something out of their hearing we can talk separately in person, Zoom / Skype or email as needed.

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Your child

Your child is unique.

As a homeopath, I want to understand who they are. I will have information from talking with you and through spending time with your child – through observation, seeing how they play and what with, what they draw, they might be happy answering questions if they are old enough, they might ignore me, may join in our conversation or contradict you or tell me something completely different than you expect, or not stay in the room while we talk.

If I ask a question and they tell me something that seems to come from left field, just let them, they’ll let me know what is important for them.

Something they say or do may make no sense, but it can be vital information for finding a good remedy.

I’m interested in:

  • Who this child is, their nature and personality
  • If there has been a significant event, illness, or anything that preceded them getting ill or changing in some way.
  • How they are in a new space, meeting new people
  • What they love to do
  • What they hate
  • Food preferences
  • Behaviour
  • Anxieties and fears
  • What makes them angry or upset
  • How they learn, if they struggle with learning, with what and how
  • Friendships and relationships,
  • Social well-being.
  • Stresses and life changes such as house moves, the arrival of a new baby sibling, heading through puberty, bereavement and loss, exams /school stress, peer pressure, and loss of a friendship.
  • What is unique and amazing about them,
  • Their hobbies and skills, favourite books, movies, music
  • What they find difficult or impossible,
  • The colours, animals or toys they love
  • With babies, how they feed, digestion, positions they prefer, sleep or sleeplessness, what affects them, do they want to be wrapped up or hate any restrictions…..

Physical Health and Development

  • What are they susceptible to, do they catch every bug going around, have frequent coughs or ear infections or stomach bugs?
  • Any chronic health problems or acute illness or recurrent infections, their physical development?
  • Sensitivity to environments, temperature, noise, light, people
  • Physical development, milestones in sitting, crawling, walking, toilet training or problems with these.
  • Learning to talk, or being non-verbal 
  • Did anything happen before they started having problems or become ill, life changes, medications, shocks or emotional upsets?


Family Health and Medical History

  • Any illnesses or diseases that members of your family have
  • Significant events in family history

I have worked with many babies and children, who have come for homeopathy and suffering from allergies, behaviour and development issues, recurrent infections, acute and chronic illness, genetic or development challenges, coughs, colds, flu, ear infections, stomach bugs, anxieties, fears, griefs and stress, injuries and accidents, neurological issues, skin conditions, difficulties in puberty, beginning periods and body changes and growth, peer and school pressures, exam fear….and many other things.

Babies Colic and Crying

Emotional Wellbeing in Children and Young People

Please ask me any questions you may have. You are welcome to arrange a Free Discovery Call