Carbon Remedies for our Time









Carbons and Row 2 of the Periodic Table.


This last weekend I attended a webinar hosted by the North West College of Homeopathy studying Carbons and remedies of Row 2 on the Periodic Table and plant families with similar themes. Many of these essential remedies are from ubiquitous sources in the world around us and the basic elements of life.

I needed a deeper understanding of these remedies right now…so many people are bewildered, shocked, finding themselves in a world they don’t recognise, frightened, scared to take the next steps in life, questioning if they are ready to take their place in the world, fearful of going out, not sure whether to stay home, having difficulty in making decisions, lacking confidence and self-worth, feeling numb or over-excited, dealing with chemical sensitivities, problems with memory and concentration. There are so many worries around about basic survival, food and care and feeling lost, separated and isolated.

As after any weekend of inspiring teaching and so much learning, I’m excited to talk with my clients and see what can help them best to regain balance and health.