Offer: Free Small Group Supervision for Homeopaths

Would you like some free Supervision  ?

Sessions in October for newly qualified and experienced homeopaths


Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, lacking confidence, confused about prescriptions, worried about a difficult case or client, or not sure what your next step is?

Whether we’re newly qualified, still at college or very experienced we can get hung up or stuck in our practice and I’d like to help you free things up!


I’m now introducing new small group supervision sessions where you can bring whatever you’d like to explore;  a case, a practice management issue, some materia medica questions, whatever would be most helpful for you to explore.  You’ll gain more presence and feel more confident and energised.

To celebrate this I’m offering four free group supervision sessions.


There’s more information below.

When:  All UK times

  • Thursday 12th October:  11 am – 12.30 pm – Experienced practitioners (been in practice for a good few years)
  • Thursday 19th October:  2 pm – 3.30 pm – New practitioners (graduated recently, this year or over the last couple of years, with practice just getting off the ground)
  • Thursday 19th October 10am – 11.30am  – For Students
  • Tuesday 24th October:  6.30pm – 8pm  –  Experienced practitioners.
  • Tuesday 12th October:   8am – 9.30am                                                                                                                                                                                                                           There is now an earlier morning and an evening time available to help fit with different time zones.


Where: On Zoom

If you’re interested please email me at  [email protected]  and feel free to ask any questions.

NB There are just 4 spaces for each group, so get in touch and I’ll send you the next steps for booking and a short form to fill out.  


After the session, I’ll ask you for some brief feedback and offer you a discount for either one-to-one or group supervision if you’d like to continue working with me.


Some background:

One of the aspects of being a Homeopath I love is mentoring and supervising practitioners and students. I love seeing practitioners grow and flourish as they learn more, finding answers to their most pressing and immediate questions whether on the running of their practice or finding the ‘right’ remedy or approach to their patients.


I have studied different methodologies with wonderful and inspiring Homeopaths and teachers …studying in person and through webinars with Jan Scholten, Michal Yakir, Louis Klein, Annette Sneevliet, Dr. Jonathan Hardy and others whom I respect and trust.

My training was very classical, which was an excellent grounding for me. Now I love to be flexible in my approach to case analysis and prescribing.  I’m happy to go wherever I need to to find remedies for my clients.


When we have a supportive space to explore our cases or issues that arise in practice exciting discussions can happen. Our thoughts and ideas can free up with new inspirations.  We feel freer, become more confident and excited about our work and attract more of our perfect patients!

You can look at your practice, the organisation, ways of prescribing, different methodologies and difficult cases, and useful structures (admin etc.) to have in place. These all support your work with clients, reviewing what works, what doesn’t fit so well and what you want to change.

Supervision helps in exploring ways to stay fully present. Therefore you’re more able to hear what your clients are saying in both obvious and very subtle ways. You’ll also feel more confident and energised as you work on your practice.

I look forward to meeting with you !

Mentoring and Professional Supervision