How follow-ups help me to help you

Follow-ups ……why are they important and why I ask you to book back in.

So, you’ve had an initial consultation, or you’ve had another follow-up session, taken your remedy doses and are booked back in for your next appointment.

One of the astonishing things about Homeopathy is that after you have a remedy major and long-standing things can change. And that can take some time.

Clients come back and may say one of these things:

* “I feel more like myself again”

Countless times a client has said “I didn’t even realise until I started talking with you again how much has changed. And I am feeling much more “Me” again, coming back to myself”

A Follow-up session is a time to reflect on how you are. I can check back with you about what you came for help with, the symptoms you experienced, what might be stuck and what is new.

When things are going really well I might suggest just continuing with less frequent doses of the remedy or to wait for a while and see what continues to happen.

I will suggest we schedule to meet in a few months and check-in, to see that things are still progressing well.

*“I feel worse and this thing I haven’t had for years has come back.”

So now I know you have responded to the remedy which is great to know.
The return of a symptom such as a pain, a skin rash and feeling can be a sign your body and vital force are responding and clearing. If you feel worse and that hasn’t resolved it shows me I may need to change the remedy at this point. The way you are now can show me more clearly what that is. And we both know you can respond to remedies.

*”I’m not really sure”

Sometimes much more subtle shifts are starting to happen. It’s great to reflect on those and clarify if this is still the best remedy for you, if you now need a higher potency. If things have moved to a different picture a new remedy can be better indicated for you.

*”Nothing has happened”

And sometimes indeed nothing has happened and I need to know more.
Then I really want to spend time with you exploring this. You may have some new symptoms, the symptoms you came with may now be clearer or more intense. Something subtle may have changed and another remedy picture will be emerging.

We are complex multi-faceted beings and we need individualised remedies.

I want to see and understand more fully how you are, the symptoms you experience and what remedy is needed now. I have seen what is possible with Homeopathy and I aim for that for all my clients as we work together.


As your homeopath, these subsequent consults are a vital part of the way I can help you in moving towards long-term deeper health and well-being, to the best of my evolving knowledge and skills.

I am always happy to talk with you about what I see happening, what I’m doing and why.

So please just ask !


My colleague Pat Deacon puts this so well. Here’s a link to her blog post  shared with her permission. Thank you !