Can I come and see you about……..?

Can you and homeopathy me help with…….?

That’s a question I am often asked by people coming for Homeopathy or exploring the idea of booking in.

The list is endless of the things we can suffer with and which deplete our vitality and limit how we live and work.

Can I come and see you about………my skin problem, migraines, feeling low since the menopause, auto-immune conditions, panic attacks and anxiety, allergies, food poisoning, morning sickness, recurrent ear infections, difficulty getting pregnant, fibroids, IBS like symptoms, painful periods, horrendous hot flushes, problems breastfeeding, ovarian problems, behaviour problems in my child, Chronic Fatigue, after having surgery or an accident, my anxious teen who’s just gone off to Uni, my newborn who vomits very time I have cheese, my child has reall difficulties in social situations, not sleeping well, because I just don’t feel right and tests show nothing….…..?

With Homeopathy I treat you, with whatever you come with. I don’t treat a diagnosis or condition.

I want to know how you are, what is this like, what your symptoms are, what is unusual about your symptoms and illness, what do you love to do, what worries you the most. I might ask you things that seem odd or nothing to do with what you’ve already told me about the painful, swollen joints you want help with.

You may well need a different remedy from 10 other people I’ve seen with, say, joint problems. I want to find what is different about you and your symptoms, so I can find the best remedies for you. The remedy is for you, not a particular condition.

I might advise you to go back to your GP, dentist, optician, midwife or consultant and get something checked out again.

We all want the best for you and your health.

I will always advise you to keep taking any medications you have been prescribed, and we’ll get started with Homeopathy.

Come and give it a go.

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I’ll look forward to hearing from you.