Winter Wellbeing


It’s pretty bitter and cold out there today, some places are about to get more snow, the weather can change quickly from warm to biting winds, snow and heavy rain. We tend to stay inside more and get less exercise, company, fresh air and sunlight. All of these things can affect our wellbeing.

Homeopathy can help us deal with common winter ailments.

Here are some basic remedies to have in your home first aid kit – and certainly all are good for more than just winter bugs. Have a read through and see if any sound similar to the way you’re feeling.  These remedy snapshots might give you an idea of what we look for as Homeopaths.

There are many other remedies which could be a better match for you.   My advice is always to speak with a professional Homeopath.


What else can help along with remedies ?

Get some fresh air and sunlight…whenever you can !

If you are ill and infectious do stay home as long as you can and take the time to get properly well. I know it can be a challenge in today’s fast paced / just keep going culture, but in the end, you’ll spend less time off

Sometimes the best thing we can do is slow down, take time off, rest, keep warm and give our body and immune systems the chance to do their job to clear infections and viruses and help us recover to good health.

Good nutrition, easily digested foods and fluids – Keep hydrated, maybe you have a favourite comfort drink like hot lemon, fresh ginger and honey ?

Some people find Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Elderberry, echinacea tincture, turmeric, garlic, and pre and probiotics of use.  Speak with a nutritionist if you are interested in using supplements in a healthful, balanced and personalised way. No one thing is best for everyone. If you’re in or near Edinburgh you could try contacting  Edinburgh Centre for Nutrition and Therapy

Finally – Please do see your GP, medical practitioner and Homeopath if you have symptoms which concern you,  symptoms are not resolving or you are just not recovering as you’d expect.


  • Aconite

Illnesses that come on very quickly after getting very chilled, being caught in cold windy weather, or having a fright or shock.

You might go to bed feeling fine and wake up around midnight feeling feverish, very restless and frightened, maybe even with a croupy cough or earache.


  • Gelsemium

A classic Flu picture

Feeling drowsy, dull and almost drugged – think about how you feel if you’ve been sitting by a jasmine bush

Illness comes on slowly.

Illness which starts after hearing bad or shocking news news

Very heavy aching arms and legs. Can hardly keep your eyes open. Extreme fatigue and weakness

Chills up and down your back

Sensitive skin

Gelsemium also has huge anticipatory anxiety about being physically capable of doing what you need to do – it’s a kind of ‘stage fright’.

Feeling weak or trembling with anxiety, and making statements like ‘I can’t do it, I’m not strong enough’.

A headache which strangely feels better when you pee.


  • Eupatorium perfoliatum

Fluey feeling with deep bone pains. Bones feel as if they are broken

Eyeballs ache

Afraid to move because of pain

Feeling weak, beaten and bruised especially back

Achy, thirsty and sweaty

Chill 7 – 9 am



  • Pulsatilla

Changeable, weepy, emotional, flipping from laughing to crying to crossness.

Feeling lonely and needing a lot of sympathy from people eg your usually independent child wants to be cuddled and not leave your side.

You feel worse in warm stuffy rooms, better from fresh cool air – so maybe you want to be well wrapped up but have a window open.

Little or no thirst even when hot and feverish.

Illness starts after getting your feet soaking wet  

  • Belladonna

Another remedy for illnesses which come on very fast and violently.

Sudden intense fevers, almost glowing with heat. Can be delirious when hot.

Pains which are throbbing, hot and pulsing whether that’s a headache, sore ears, sore throat. Bright eyes and wide pupils.


  • Nux-vomica

Feeling irritable, chilly, impatient, over-worked, and over-sensitive to noise and smells.

Over-stimulated, an over-loaded irritable digestive system which is worse from drugs and medicines.

Nux-vomica has an affinity with the liver which leads to digestive symptoms, sickness, heartburn, constipation, belching, retching, indigestion, cramping, or nausea with an inability to be sick.

Heavy weight in your stomach after eating, worse from rich food and stimulants.

Irritable, windy, or burpy with greenish stools.

Wanting to get back to work even though you’re ill.


  • Arnica Montana

You might already know about Arnica to support healing from accidents and injuries, soft tissue trauma,

bumps, bruises and swelling.

Arnica can ease tired, sore, or bruised muscles in the arms, legs, back and the uterus, after unusual exercise or activity

Shock, you don’t want to be touched or disturbed and tell people you are fine.

You might be able to answer a question but then zone out again


  • Arsenicum – album

Very chilly and want to be warm. Very weak.

Anxious, fearful, restless, collapsed but you still want things tidied, curtains straightened, get dirty dishes cleared away etc Feeling insecure, need to feel in control

Big remedy for food poisoning, diarrhoea and vomiting, collapse, chilled

Fear death. Feel like you’ll die.

Colds with burning, acrid nasal discharge which irritates skin under your nose and on lip

Burning pains better for warmth – except headaches (you a want cold cloth on your forehead)

Want sips of cold water

  • Bryonia

Slow becoming unwell

Dryness everywhere, mouth, throat, eyes

Thirst for big glasses of water every now and again

Bear with a sore head”  Splitting headache, and you need a dark, silent room where no-one can disturb you.

Very very Irritable

Worse for slightest movement – trying to move or sit up, turn your head, things moving in the room, noise, having to think or talk – you want to keep absolutely still. Sharp, stitching pains when you move at all.

Better for hard pressure on a painful part of your body – keeps it still

Coughs are so painful – you hold your chest to stop it moving as you cough.


  • Ferrum-phos

At the beginning of an illness, no distinct symptoms bit feverish, a bit of a cough, pink flushed cheeks

  • China

China can be used after an illness when you’re still feeling weak, faint and dizzy from loss of body fluids eg after sickness bugs, diarrhoea, vomiting.