Digital Life, how to take control and make it simpler

I’m still on a mission to make the digital world less distracting and work better for me…..along with a doing whole bunch of business and admin organising.

I found some helpful ideas for simplifying and clearing space in my digital life in the article linked below:

Are you a Digital Packrat ?

It’s so easy to habitually keep checking a phone so one of the things I put in place is using the Wind Down and greyscale phone settings between 10pm  and 8am. And this really helps, it makes me think twice about checking messages and going on line when I see the black and white screen.

Notification for emails and WhatsApp messages are now turned off so that I can focus on whatever I am working on, it takes discipline but that helps me not to be pulled into constant checking and distraction. I can then be more mindful about when I check and respond appropriately.

I want all the incredible technology we have access to to be a valuable tool for me. Making small changes seems to help keep some boundaries. ….but it’s a work in progress for sure !