I came across this great article recently.  it’s an interview with Homeopath Dr Jonathan Hardy in Glamour magazine, which I’ve never read this magazine before but I’m now going to keep my eye on it for more interesting features !  Jonathan is a hugely experienced homeopath and an excellent teacher, […]

Homeopathy….so what is it ?

Follow-ups ……why are they important and why I ask you to book back in. So, you’ve had an initial consultation, or you’ve had another follow-up session, taken your remedy doses and are booked back in for your next appointment. One of the astonishing things about Homeopathy is that after you […]

How follow-ups help me to help you

What is Homeopathy Awareness Week ?    Homeopathy Awareness Week (HAW) is a week long celebration of Homeopathy and runs from 10th to 16th of April each year.   The week begins on the birthday of Samuel Hahnemann, born on 10th April 1755.  Hahnemann founded Homeopathy and left us with […]

Homeopathy Awareness Week April 10th – 16th

March Spring is Stirring in Challenging Times   Here’s my latest newsletter.  I’ll be sending out some shorter posts every week or so.  Do let me know if you’d like to subscribe.   March 30th Newsletter  

March Newsletter

Sustainability and Health, Zoom and Skype Appointments Over the last year, I’ve been reflecting on my Homeopathy practice and making sure it is as sustainable and healthful as possible.  So, along with doing things like sourcing recycled and plastic-free envelopes and posting materials, I decided to travel less. Now I […]

Online Consultations Zoom and Skype

  It’s pretty bitter and cold out there today, some places are about to get more snow, the weather can change quickly from warm to biting winds, snow and heavy rain. We tend to stay inside more and get less exercise, company, fresh air and sunlight. All of these things […]

Winter Wellbeing

Can you and homeopathy me help with…….? That’s a question I am often asked by people coming for Homeopathy or exploring the idea of booking in. The list is endless of the things we can suffer with and which deplete our vitality and limit how we live and work. Can […]

Can I come and see you about……..?

I was rereading this interview with Homeopath Dr Jonathan Hardy today.  Jonathan is a hugely experienced homeopath and excellent teacher.  I’ve attended many inspiring seminars taught by him. So I’m sharing the link again – It’s well worth reading. You might find answers to some of your questions about Homeopathy […]

So what is Homeopathy ?