Emotional and mental wellbeing in children and young people seems to be increasingly in the news these days. Many children seem stressed and struggling, with anything from mild anxiety, school phobia, ADHD and behavioural problems, the stresses of peer pressure, social anxiety and academic demands, fear of exams or difficult […]

Emotional and Mental health….helping our children and young people

This trial from Brazil used one remedy and assessed the intensity of hot flushes experienced by women. In practice we use individualized remedy prescriptions, but this is certainly one of the remedies I’d consider.   Research from Brazil

Menopause, Hot Flushes and Research in Homeopathy

I’m on a mission to make the digital world less distracting and work better for me…..along with a doing whole bunch of business and admin organising. I found some helpful ideas for simplifying and clearing space in my digital life in the article linked below: Are you a Digital Packrat […]

Digital Life, how to take control and make it simpler

Can you and homeopathy me help with…….? That’s a question I am often asked by people coming for Homeopathy or exploring the idea of booking in. The list is endless of the things we can suffer with and which deplete our vitality and limit how we live and work. Can […]

Can I come and see you about……..?

I was rereading this interview with Homeopath Dr Jonathan Hardy today.  Jonathan is a hugely experienced homeopath and excellent teacher.  I’ve attended many inspiring seminars taught by him. So I’m sharing the link again – It’s well worth reading. You might find answers to some of your questions about Homeopathy […]

So what is Homeopathy ?